Episode 62: Flesh and Blood

In this episode we explore two aspects of the term ‘flesh and blood.’ We examine the human body from the perspective of theĀ Anglo-Saxons by looking at their words for parts of the body. We also explore Old English words associated with sickness and disease. At the same time, we consider how the term ‘flesh and blood’ is utilized to describe one’s children or other very close relatives. Specifically, we examine the mothers who fought to secure the English throne for their respective flesh and blood following the death of King Cnut in 1035.

2 thoughts on “Episode 62: Flesh and Blood

  1. Hello! I stumbled on your podcast while I was doing research for a class I’m taking on the History of the English language. Your insights have added a lot to what I’m already learning. Thank you so much. But, I have a question: on podcast 62, you mention a PIE root-word with the meaning “to expand or increase.” It sounds as if you are pronouncing it with a b, but I can’t make out the word. Would you mind telling me what the word is so that I can do more research on it for myself? Thank you!

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