Voice Samples

The History of English Podcast invites you to contribute a brief sample of your speech for use in future episodes.  The voice samples will be used to illustrate the development and evolution of Modern English accents and dialects. By leaving a sample, you agree to permit the History of English Podcast to use all or any portion of the sample in future episodes of the podcast.

If you desire to leave a voice sample, please provide your first name, your age, and the place where your accent or dialect was acquired.  You may recount a personal story or anecdote. You may also record the following sentences which highlight certain differences between English accents:

The bored bird stood on a board and barely noticed the bear sitting nearby.

The ten steel beams are still supporting the tin roof.

I caught Jimmy sitting on a cot in the tent.

The mouse moved about the house. He snuck down the stairs and crawled around the outside of the towel closet.

The clerk was hard at work in the laboratory. Her schedule left little time for leisure.

Mary and Janet wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

David put his putter in his golf bag.

Mike put his foot in his mouth because Mary’s dress was made from old cloth.

The goose took a bath in the mill pond.

We bought the lot with the large pecan tree in the backyard.

I had to borrow ten pencils and a ball-point pen.

Lucy accidentally stuck a pin in her palm while mending her dress.

We had to prepare a meal with only a tomato, an egg, and a block of goat cheese.

Thank you for providing your voice sample!