Episode 58: Bibliophiles and Bookworms

The late 10th century and early 11th century was the Golden Age of Old English literature.  But much of the literature produced during that period was lost to history. Thankfully, a handful of book collectors realized the value of those old books and preserved an important part of the history of English. In this episode, we explore some of the important English texts from this period, including the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and the Exeter Book.  We also examine the role of the bookworms and book collectors who preserved the literature of this period.


3 thoughts on “Episode 58: Bibliophiles and Bookworms

  1. In the middle of the last riddle, I thought, “it’s a riddle.” So, my money is on the scholars who think the answer is “riddle.”

    Keep up the good work on the podcast. I’m really enjoying it. Thank you, Kevin!

  2. I believe this is the episode where you remark on how often the word “work” is used in connection with literary creations? That reminds me of what the great author Thomas Mann said: “A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people”.

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