Episode 57: The Wessex Literary Revival

After the defeat of the Vikings in York, England was permanently unified under Wessex leadership. A period of peace and prosperity followed. Under the supervision of a cleric named Dunstan, the churches and monasteries were re-built and a great literary revival soon followed. In this episode, we explore the events which led to that literary renaissance which produced most of the surviving Old English literature. We also look at some of the Latin words which were borrowed after the Benedictine Reform. And we conclude with the development of the standard West Saxon literary dialect which emerged during this period.


6 thoughts on “Episode 57: The Wessex Literary Revival

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  2. As an American married to a German, living in Germany and studying with all of my might a language which comes so easily to my bilingual children, I am often frustrated. But this podcast has been so inspiring to me – making so many connections … I am sure I can’t put a finger on exactly what it is, but you’re bringing the story to life in a way that has me redoubling my efforts in German. I have now passed the official language test issued by the foreigner’s office in connection with my residency permit, and you deserve some credit for that! Out of curiosity, do you speak German and/or any other languages?

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