Episode 158: Planting Seeds

In the mid-1500s, England attempted to expand its influence in Ireland by establishing plantations there. This same process would soon be applied to North America. In this episode, we explore those early attempts at Irish colonization and England’s first encounters with the region of Florida. We also examine the connection between these events and efforts during this period to make English spelling more phonetic and consistent.

Transcript: Episode 158

14 thoughts on “Episode 158: Planting Seeds

  1. The Planter’s Daughter by Austin Clarke

    When night stirred at sea
    And the fire brought a crowd in,
    They say that her beauty
    Was music in mouth
    And few in the candlelight
    Thought her too proud,
    For the house of the planter
    Is known by the trees.

    Men that had seen her
    Drank deep and were silent,
    The women were speaking
    Wherever she went –
    As a bell that is rung
    Or a wonder told shyly,
    And O she was the Sunday
    In every week.

  2. Interesting you say that the ‘English’ invaded Ireland yet the English were hardly in charge in their own land. More correctly you should say that it was the ‘French’ House of Anjou and their empire which England was a part of at that time.
    I would contend that England would not consider itself one country until the loss of Calais under the reign of Queen Mary

    • Sorry, I replied without getting my facts straight. Henry ll was king, a Plantagenet, born in France 1154 and died there in 1189. Im sure English men took part. But at that time they would be subject to their masters’ will. The master would quite likely be Norman and consider their allegiance to the throne and not England.
      I think that England as an identity was not really formed until Elizabeth l was on the throne. Following the loss of Calais during the reign of her sister Mary. I do feel that William Shakespeare underlined this wish for unity of a kingdom in his (John of Gaunt) speech ‘This sceptre isle’.
      But that is just my thoughts on the concept of English as a national identity.
      I started listening a long time ago an I wait avidly every month for the next episode. Reminds me of being a child and the expectation of the next issue of my weekly comic to arrive on the doormat 😉
      Thanks Kevin

    • Hi Sara. I have added the transcript of the episode. The transcript includes citations for all written resources used in the episode. I hope that helps.

  3. Thank you for all the time you put into preparing these episodes. I feel smarter after listening. Keep up the great work

  4. Hello, Kevin! I’ve been enjoying your podcasts for quite a while and I would like to thank you for the information you give, it really is enlightening.

    The only problem is – I am from Russia, and I now find it impossible to listen to the podcast without using VPN. Does it mean that you have blocked the podcast for Russian citizens?

    • No. I haven’t changed anything on my end. This is the first time anyone has mentioned a problem with the feed in Russia. If you having a problem accessing the episodes, it may have something to do with the provider you are using. I assume you can listen to the episodes directly through this website.

  5. “Ortho,” meaning “straight, or upright” is applied to a standard practice in engineering drawings called “orthographic projection,” where the views of the part are at right angles to each other. Also, I now realize why “Ortho” is the name of the fertilizer brand…
    Thanks for all your hard work, Kevin. I’m an old geezer, and this is the ONLY podcast I’ve bothered with, and this is my third go-around!

    • Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying the podcast, and it’s good to hear that you haven’t gotten bored after so many listens. 🙂

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