Episode 73: Possession, Power and Checkmate

In this episode, we explore the connections between possessions and power – especially political power.  No Medieval king exemplified that connection better than Henry I of England.  Henry valued his possessions, and he made sure to collect every penny that was owed to him. And speaking of possessions, this was also a period during which the English language was starting to change the way it indicated possession. We explore these linguistic developments by examining the language of the Peterborough Chronicle.

5 thoughts on “Episode 73: Possession, Power and Checkmate

  1. Hi Kevin,
    actually the right spelling of the original word of “prince” is ” princepS”.
    Once more thank you so much for your great podcast.
    Kind regards,

  2. I’m only half-way through this and am enthralled — first, I’ll finally remember Henry 1 as a real (money- and power-grubbing) person and not just some vague first-of-the-Henrys. Second, your explanation of chess and checkers is fascinating.
    Thank you!!

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