Bonus Episode 5: Odds and Ends

In this bonus episode we explore a few odds and ends which didn’t make into the earlier episodes.   We examine the Old English words related to knowledge and wisdom.  And we also look at the original terms for the fingers.

2 thoughts on “Bonus Episode 5: Odds and Ends

  1. A friend alerted me to your podcast about a month ago and I find it absolutely fascinating. More importantly, I’ve become a patron on Patreon.

    This episode on knowledge and wisdom was enlightening and reminded me of something when I studied Russian years ago. The vid/ved root also made its way east, as did the root med meaning honey so that a medved or bear is something that “knows honey”. And from that we also get the family name Medvedev.

    • Thanks for the interesting etymology. I assume that it is also the source of the surname ‘Medved’ as well? And thanks for supporting the podcast!

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