4 thoughts on “Bonus Episode 7: Stuffed Animals

  1. In Australia, the bedding known as a duvet or comforter in other parts of the English-speaking world is commonly called a “doona” (and erroneously marketed as a “quilt”). Now, at least, I understand why they have that name (even when the stuffing is something other than down; commonly a synthetic fibre).

  2. Interesting about the word “muj” (not sure if I’ve got the spelling right – probably not) which derives from the same root word as the Spanish “mosquito”. In many parts of Britain a small biting fly is called a “midge”.

    • The Old English word was “mycg.” I don’t recall if I mentioned the modern word “midge” in the episode. (Based on your comments, I guess I didn’t.) I wasn’t familiar with “midge” before researching this episode, so it’s good to know that its still being used.

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