5 thoughts on “Episode 32: The Oldest English

  1. Awesome podcast Kevin. Good job with the pronunciations too. I should disclose that I have no idea how they should sound and am not an expert in OE, but I heard the subtle differences.

  2. I love the attention to detail here. I got Seth Lerer’s History of English class from The Great Courses for curiosity, assuming that I could learn from 36 half hour lectures what I really needed to know. He covered everything, as far as I knew at the time. But the fact that we’re just NOW getting into Old English in your podcast shows how much depth there is here. I mean, I was bored with PIE stuff before I heard how neat it was on this podcast, and I can only hope that the Old English stuff will be just as fun.

  3. I’m having an incredibly tough time downloading the episodes. Whether it be through iTunes, straight from this website, or through another website, I cannot get certain episodes to download.

    • Jeremy,

      There is no particular reason why you should be having problems downloading the episodes. If you are using an iPhone, I recommend the iTunes ‘Podcasts’ app. If you can tell me a little more about the device you are using and which episodes you can’t download, I might be able to give you some more recommendations.

      • I am using iTunes for my desktop, and when that doesn’t work I try d/loading directly from the website through my desktop.

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