Episode 48: The Unity of Alfred’s English

After defeating the Danes, King Alfred set about reforming the educational system of Wessex. His reforms promoted English to an unprecedented level.  His reforms required the translation of many texts from Latin to English, and Alfred himself assisted with those translations. He also issued a new legal code and initiated the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.  One of Alfred’s goals was the unification of the Anglo-Saxon people under Wessex leadership, so we explore the history of English words related to unity.

3 thoughts on “Episode 48: The Unity of Alfred’s English

  1. Hi Kevin! I just listened to this episode yesterday…I love all the crazy related intertwining histories of our words…the piece about PIE Yoogum, and all the cognate words that have come out of it is pretty wild!

    One thing I can’t help but think is how amazing it is that words persist so strongly through history. They truly are our linguistic fossils, it’s incredible. You’ve got me completely hooked, I probably look up etymologies twice a day now, it’s definitely changing the way I look at language.

    Thank YOU KEVIN for producing such asskicking episodes!!! I totally love listening to them, and I get so excited about it. What you’ve done by bringing all of these stories together is deeply inspiring..I often times ask people I meet if they have any heros in their life…well, you are absolutely one of my heros.

    • Hi Jared. Thanks for the compliments. Your comments remind me to the old saying, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” That pretty much summarizes my efforts in putting the podcast together. 😉

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