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The History of English Podcast invites you to contribute a brief sample of your speech for use in future episodes.  The voice samples will be used to illustrate the development and evolution of Modern English accents and dialects. By leaving a sample, you agree to permit the History of English Podcast to use all or any portion of the sample in future episodes of the podcast.

If you desire to leave a voice sample, please provide your first name, your age, and the place where your accent or dialect was acquired.  You may recount a personal story or anecdote. You may also record the following brief summary of the English language:

The English language began as an ancient dialect spoken among the herding people of the Eurasian steppe. This ancient manner of speech spread throughout Europe and central Asia, giving birth to many of the modern languages of those regions. In Scandinavia, the first Germanic speakers inherited much of their vocabulary from those nomadic horsemen. In time, the original Germanic language produced several daughter languages. The people who lived in the lowlands of northern Europe spoke closely related dialects which they inherited from their Germanic ancestors. Those dialects crossed the North Sea and produced the language known as “Anglo-Saxon” or “Old English.” The Vikings soon arrived, and the Normans followed. They contributed their words, and they provided new ways to express old ideas. A new form of English was created.  That was the Middle English of Geoffrey Chaucer. Much had changed, but the evolution of English was not complete.  From Britain, the language spread to the New World and beyond. A steady flow of outside influences continued to change the language over time. When all was said and done, a new English emerged. That language is known as “Modern English,” and it is the global language we speak today.

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