Episode 51: Norse Words and a New English

During the 10th century,  the English language spoken in northern and eastern England began to change under the influence of Old Norse.  These changes resulted in a north-south linguistic divide which still exists today.  In this episode we examine how modern linguists use sound changes to identify Norse words in Modern English.  We also examine English-Norse synonyms derived from common Germanic root words.

5 thoughts on “Episode 51: Norse Words and a New English

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  2. In the Yorkshire dialect passage the words for empty (tom) and jump (laub) pricked my ears. They were in the smattering of Norwegian I picked up as a boy in northern Wisconsin.

  3. Hi Kevin,
    I just wanted to point to the fact that in German “Mut” corresponds to the original Norse meaning of “mood”.
    Once again let me thank you for your great work!
    Kindest regards,

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